I am irresponsible after midnight

I'm stuck between Shawn & Nash.

|| I'm here for you ||

  • Heroes and Friends by Randy Travis lies to me every time i listen to it

  • I need to get my shit together

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  • I want to sleep forever

  • Anonymous asked : If you're usually happy, maybe you're just sad for right now. You'll be happy again, you will

    Its been 3 years

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  • I need someone to hold me and watch over me because I don’t trust me

  • Anonymous asked : *hugged*

    Im sobbing

  • Anonymous asked : what makes you happy or what did

    Watching sea life like whales and turtles and penguins and dogs and animals and swimming and the beAch and running and camping and playing the ukulele and singing even though i suck and listening to music and little kids and the smell of the woods and fire and the way the ocean and sun kiss my skin and reading oh i got in trouble for reading too late and eating i love food and making others laugh/smile and when people are genuinely kind like they try to help everyone and hugs and basketball but not the way it is now like its for fun but my coach is really serious and idk what to do anymore ya know bc none of those things make me happy anymore and im trying so hard

  • I need a hug

  • Anonymous asked : I know it's hard with your parents right now, but think of your life after you move out, all the possibilities. You won't want to miss it, and I promise you're strong enough to make it until then. Someone loves you and one boy is going to love everything about you that you hate, I truly believe that. I believe one day you're going to know true happiness, no matter what it is for you. And if you can't wait, find happiness in the simple things, they mean so much more than you know.

    I used to be so damn happy i literally am known for how happy i am and people still think im optimistic lauren bc i tell everyone amazjng things and to look on the brightside but i dont feel it amd i want my parents to leave my life bc they judge and dont know how to handle me

  • Anonymous asked : You don't need anyone to fix you, you can fix you. You're strong, babydoll, please believe me.

    It hurts

  • Anonymous asked : STOP AND LISTEN. Life can be shit sometimes. I know it's hard, darling, and I also know that I have no idea what your life is like, but I do know that this is the only life you're going to get. This is it. Be a dumbass and do stupid shit, sometimes. Live your life any damn way you wish, just please, live it. Don't cut, don't leave. Live your life. It's worth it, it's hard, but think of all the beautiful things, they are worth it, and so are you. Behind the shitty people, life is beautiful.

    I cant do that bc my parents are dream killers they wont let me just live my life

  • Anonymous asked : Tell me all your troubles. Tell me why you feel this way, I want to help, I really do.

    I feel like shit no one likes me i cant accept myself my friends who say we are family dont even invite me to do stuff and all we do is hang out for bball and they act like they love me but they never start the convo first its always me its always me and i cant do this idk what makes me happy anymore and that scares me idk what im doing with my life i just want to feel okay for once i want to feel okay i hate myself im a 5’10 freak i look like a freak i have long bushy hair and im really tall and skinny like im a flippng palm tree and no guys like tall girls and my friends are fake and low and i cant drop them bc we are a bball family and my good friends are basically a nun a homeschooled tennis player and some other friends at school but like i have no one i feel like i feel alone yet i have a lot of friends and im popular but ive never felt so alone i want my pain to end so badly

  • Anonymous asked : stop please please I care about u I don't want u hurting urself

    Im sorry

  • Anonymous asked : I will stay up all night just to let you know how much you mean to everybody and how much you are loved.

    You can try but i wont feel it i dont really feel anything lately

  • Anonymous asked : Please Lauren we love you, please don't think no one loves you because we do!

    No one loves the real me you dont know me you know my selfies and my posts and my words you dont know me